General terms and conditions for using the services of

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the online store is managed by an administrator and is used by Users under the terms and conditions set out below. This document has a binding contract applicable to all versions and devices where the services of the online store are available. Accessing, viewing, or using the online store means accepting and agreeing from the Users with the General Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these terms or any clauses in them, please do not use the online store –




General terms and conditions for using the online store –
“Online Store”, “Web Site” – Web site with address
“We”, “Vendor”, “Vendingchasti” – means “ZAGATTO” Ltd., owner of the online store.
“Administrator” – Trading company “ZAGATTO” Ltd., which manages / maintains the website and the platform. For contact – 02/812 99 39.
“User” – A natural or legal person who uses the services and resources of the online store.
“Services” – All the services of the Administrator or of his partners and counterparties that are available to the Users of the online store –
“Personal Data” – Means personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and European Law.
“GENERAL TERMS” – Means these Terms and Conditions. By clicking on any link, button or application on the site, except for the link to these terms and conditions, you agree explicitly and unconditionally with these terms and conditions for using the website.


The owner of the online store is Zagatto Ltd., a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria with headquarters in Sofia, 14 Zhivko Nikolov Street, registered with the Registry Agency under VAT number 121102130, contact phone – 02 / 812 99 39; email: The address of management is: 1 Kukush Str., Sofia, contact phone – 02/812 99 39.


1. This document is the Terms of Service or Terms of Use of General conditions are a legal agreement between the Administrator and the User, which contains the conditions for using the online store. Acceptance and agreement with this conditions is a mandatory condition for using the website.
2. The General Conditions will enter into force as soon as the Users first use the site. They are applicable every time you visit and use the online store.
3. Relationships between Users and the Administrator in connection with the use of the are governed exclusively by these General conditions, from the Privacy Policy and other policies and instructions that are created and published on the web site by the Administrator and are an integral part from the General Conditions.


1. The web site is an online store owned by Zagatto Ltd. and offers products which the company distributes. The web site provides information and opportunity under the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions for online ordering, purchasing and delivering the products offered at the online store, organized by Zagatto Ltd. These Terms and Conditions provide information to the Users about their rights, limitations and responsibilities when using the information and services on the website / online store. Any User working with the Website is bound by the rules of these Terms and Conditions from the time of entering the web site until leaving it. Zagatto Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the data and the General Terms and Conditions without prior announcement, as they become binding for the users from the moment of their publication. All goods offered in the online store which are subject to warranty service are accompanied by the necessary documents with information on the terms, conditions and the place of the warranty service.
2. The Online Store the Supplier publishes:
(a) Information about the price, the main features of the products and additional information to help the consumers to make an inform choice to purchase the product. is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the description of the good that do not relate to the essential characteristics of the product products and does not claim the completeness of the information provided.
(b) In case the item has several modifications, the price page for each of the modifications is listed on the page. has the right at any time and without notice to make changes to the published products, services, prices and other features of the goods and Consumers are deemed to be informed of the changes as of the date of their publication. Information about some of the published products may not be updated but in any case Users will be notified in the case of an order placed on the website prior to their delivery relating to the products they have ordered. Part of the information published on the website may refer to products, services or programs that are not available and are not currently available.
(c) Information on the consumer’s rights and the conditions and the ability to withdraw from the contract and from the conditions under which the goods may be returned, with exception in the cases covered by the Consumer Protection Act.
(d) Information of the methods of payment, delivery and performance of the contract.
(e) Any other information that the Provider is obliged under Bulgarian law to provide promptly to the User prior to the purchasing of the Goods by the User.
The information services on the web site are provided “in the form in which they are published”. Vendingchasti is not responsible for the accuracy of the published information and is not bound by terms of delivery of information about completed Orders of the User, the status of his / hers or other Users queries, questions and comments about products, availability of products as well as for damages suffered and / or lost profits and other losses of any kind and size occurring after, in result from or due to use / inability to use (due to technical problems, prophylaxis, administrator’s decisions, etc.) on the web site.


1. An order can be made from different sections of the website where there are published products. Each product page contains a product description, additional information, one or more photos of the product and price. The price is for 1 piece in EUR. The price of the product does not include shipping and payment costs, if there are any.
2. The user has the right to order all the goods and services listed in the online store When the order is making, the user has the right to choose the type, brand and model of the goods and their quantity, terms of payment, delivery method and terms, according to the possibilities offered on the website. At any time before final confirmation of the order made with the completion in the online purchase form, the User has the right to make changes to the goods and services he chooses. When the User is making a registration, he/she will receive a confirmation mail to the given one with the password and user name. The user lists the basic data according to the options given on the website and the following data is mandatory: name and surname, address, city, country, district, telephone, password and email to confirm the order made by the user. Any incorrect or inaccurate information does not bind the Supplier with the obligation to perform the order and delivery.
3. The execution of a specific purchase is made by an order and goes through several stages, including adding the product to the basket, entering the required delivery data and sending to the Purchase Order / Purchasing Order of the selected products. The user commits to agree to the order made and to confirm all the details. The User commits that the communication electronically satisfies his requirements and he accepts them as equivalent to the information transmitted on paper or verbally on the phone. By clicking on the “Confirm” button, the user performs an action that represents a willful commitment binding on him / her with the power of the contract between (the User) and Zagato Ltd., respectively the terms described in this document and the rules of the Consumer Protection Act.
A party to the contract with Zagatto Ltd. / the Provider, VAT 121102130 is the User according to the data provided at the registration and contained in the personal profile of the User. This contract is deemed to be concluded from the moment of the completion and confirmation of the registration form in the information platform by the User for the respective order. The contract for the purchase and sales of a good is considered to have been concluded from the moment of its declared by the User through the Interface of the Supplier. Zagatto Ltd. supplies the goods to the address indicated by the User via the courier company Speedy and is not responsible if the data specified by the User are untrue or misleading.
Ordering Policies: The contract concluded between the User and the site is a distance sale contract under the terms of an advance or post payment.
The ways of payment are:
Credit Cards / Debit Cards (Direct Payment), Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer. Zagatto Ltd. does NOT collect card data and we have no access to them, but only our servicing bank.
All payments are made on our servicing bank page.
Given the turnover dynamics, it is possible that certain items and accessories posted and displayed on the online store at a given moment may be out of stock by the order and could not be ordered and delivered through the online store. In any case confirms the possibility / inability to deliver the goods ordered through the online store. has the right to change the prices stated on the web site at its sole discretion at any time and without having to notify Users in advance. The user is required to pay the price stated on the web site during the order, regardless of whether it is lower or higher than the updated price. In case of technical mistakes in the published information on the web site, as a result of which the order could not be executed, has the right to refuse the execution of the order, without owing other compensation to the User except the refund of the amounts paid and / or deposited by the User for the canceled order, if there are any.
4. Payment of purchased goods and services. In case of payment in cash with the ordered and delivered goods and services, the user is obliged to pay at the moment of delivery to or his / her representative / subcontractor who delivers the ordered goods its full value according to the confirmed order.
Upon payment by bank transfer, the User pays an amount equal to the value of the delivered commodity according to the confirmed order in the bank account of Zagatto Ltd., indicated in the invoice generated and only after the payment has been confirmed and the bank account is credited with the respective amount, performs the delivery of ordered goods and services.
Upon payment via a virtual POS terminal, the user pays an amount equal to the value of the delivered commodity according to the confirmed order via a virtual POS terminal and only after the payment transaction has been confirmed, performs the delivery of the ordered goods and services.


1. The user has the right to choose whether the goods ordered, pre-paid (or postponed after payment) can be delivered directly to an address specified by him – by courier, or to take it personally from the Zagatto Ltd. / Provider, VAT 121102130.
!!!!! The cost of transport costs for Sofia is free of charge for orders over 50.00 BGN, below this amount is charged 5.00 BGN with VAT transport costs, which are performed by our transport. Courier services on the territory of the country are performed by Speedy at the expense of the User. The value of their delivery is determined according to the pricing rates of a courier company (Speedy).
!!!!! In case that the selected, ordered and prepaid item is exhausted and the supplier is unable to complete the order, the User may substitute the given products for others with the same value or the User is entitled, at his explicit request, to the paid amount to be restored.
Delivery time: from 24 hours to 4 working days. After receiving and processing the order, the Supplier reserves the right to extend the delivery period by up to 30 working days / in circumstances other than normal. The Provider will notify the User by email, in this case, of its circumstances, options and rights.
2. The time limit for the delivery of the ordered goods ordered for payment to the address specified by the consumer is 24 hours to 4 working days after receipt of confirmation of the order and may be extended on public holidays and / weekdays with non-working days. In any case, it is possible to delay within the specified delivery times, for which the user should be promptly informed by reserves the right to extend the specified terms by up to 7 (seven) days without informing the User in advance and extending the deadlines by more than 7 (seven) days with the prior consent of the User who has requested the delivery.
3. may ask for further confirmation from the user about the order made, including by telephone or e-mail. In case that the User refuses to provide the information requested by, the refusal to provide it results in an automatic cancellation of the order with or without further notice to the User. Delivery amount is paid by the customer.
4. shall not be liable for delay of delivery due to circumstances beyond the, such as delay by the courier delivering. When making the delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the User and / or an authorized person. If any external damage is found – any damage, hits and other damages found during delivery, the User shall sign a damage report in the presence of a courier describing the defects found and promptly notify at phone number +359 2 812 99 39. When accepting the delivery by the Consumer without remarks, all and any subsequent claims for external visible defects of the goods received are unfounded and as such should not be met. In the event that a damage report is not prepared and signed in the presence of a courier upon receipt of the goods and / or does not immediately notify at +359 2 812 99 39. The user loses the right to bring the identified external visible defects into accordance with the sales contract.
5. In case of incorrect address, contact person and / or telephone when submitting the request, shall not be held responsible for inaccurate execution of the order due to false information submitted by the User.
Upon delivery of the goods, the User or a third party indicated by him / her shall be obliged to sign the accompanying documents. A third person is considered to be any person who is not the owner of the application but accepts the goods at delivery of the delivery address specified by the User.
6. In case that User is not opened within the delivery time at the address specified by him and / or is not provided with access to the delivery address, is released from the obligation to deliver the requested goods and the User loses the opportunity goods to be delivered to him.
7. Where the delivered goods are manifestly inconsistent with those requested for purchase by the User and this can be ascertained by a simple examination of the delivered goods, the User has the right to demand that the delivered goods be replaced by an application for the purchase of goods 24 hours from the notification to for such a request at tel: +359 2 812 99 39 or email:
8. reserves the right to choose / change the subcontractor making the delivery without having to inform the User in advance, as long as this does not reflect the manner and the delivery term. performs subcontracting only on the territory of Bulgaria. is not dealing with the logistic and for exporting the goods outside of the country the User should organize it by itself.


Consumers have the right to claim or to cancel the concluded contract within the terms and conditions provided and regulated by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, in particular the Consumer Protection Act.
1. The consumer is entitled, without compensation or penalty, and without giving any reason to cancel the concluded contract within 2 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.
2. The right of withdrawal under par. 1 shall not apply in the following cases:
• for the delivery of goods and the provided services, the price of which depends on the fluctuations in the financial markets, which Zagatto Ltd / the Provider, VAT 121102130 is not able to control;
• for delivery of goods made according to the requirements of the User or on his / her individual order;
• for the delivery of goods which, by their nature, are consumed or could not be returned or are not subject to rapid deterioration, or threaten to deteriorate their qualitative characteristics;
• for the delivery of sealed goods that have been opened after delivery and could not be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;
3. In case that the User exercises his right of withdrawal under par. 1, Zagatto Ltd. / the Provider, VAT 121102130 is obliged to refund to him in full the amounts paid by the User not later than 30 calendar days from the date on which the User exercised his right of withdrawal from the concluded contract. From the amount the User has paid for the contract, the cost of returning the goods shall be deducted, unless the User has returned the goods for his own account and has notified the Supplier thereof.
4. In order to exercise its right of withdrawal, the user should notify of his name, geographical address and telephone number, fax and email address and his decision to withdraw from the contract with an unambiguous application (for example letter sent by post, fax or e-mail).
5. The user may also fill in and submit electronically the standard denial form or other unambiguous denial of, and in case he uses this option, will immediately send to a durable medium (for example, mail) message confirming receipt of the refusal. In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient for the consumer to send his notice on the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.
6. In case the user cancel the contract, will refund all payments received, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs associated with a consumer-selected delivery method other than the cheapest standard way of delivery offered by without undue delay and in any case not later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer informs of his decision to withdraw from the contract. will perform the refund only on a bank or card account of the customer.
7. has the right to cancel the reimbursement of the payments until the goods are returned or until proof is provided that the goods have been returned, whichever is the earlier.
8. The user should send to or return the goods without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days after the day the user informed of their refusal of the contract.
9. The term is considered to be met if the user sends the goods back to before the end of the 14-day period.
10. The user has to bear the direct costs of returning the goods.
11. The user shall only be liable to reduce the value of the goods as a result of testing them other than what is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and good functioning.
12. The goods should be returned in original packaging in its entirety, fully completed with the accompanying documentation and without damage. reserves the right, in case that the returned goods are damaged packaging, traces of use, scratches, impact, electric shock, missing accessories, warranty card, to decide whether to accept returned goods.


1. The supplier have the following rights:
(a) place electronic references to other websites and resources for the sale of goods and the provided services by third parties, including electronic links pointing to other websites and profiles;
(b) collect and use information about their users when they are registered, which may include a name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address for correspondence and any other information provided at the time of registration; information which is provided by requesting, receiving or using the services provided by the Provider; participation in promotions, raffles and races; filling in questionnaires, questionnaires, forms and more; and the Provider will use the information in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
(c) in the absence of an online order within one month after registration, the site will automatically deactivate your account.
2. The supplier:
(a) takes care that the store’s information is always true and up-to-date but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information;
(b) is not liable for failure to provide access to the store as well as for the non-processing or the inappropriate handling of purchase requests in circumstances outside its control – cases of force majeure, incidental events, problems on the global Internet network;
(c) does not guarantee that access to the store will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free from error, as long as it is beyond its capabilities and control;
(d) insofar as it does not have the ability to change, control or otherwise influence the quality and fitness for use of the goods claimed by the User, is not responsible for their compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and their qualities;
(e) shall not be liable for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication equipment or for loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way by it;
(f) Insofar as there is no objective possibility and obligation and does not control the websites and resources made available through the electronic links provided in the store and on the profile, the Provider shall not be held responsible for the unlawful nature of the content and materials appearing on these websites and resources and is not responsible for damages and lost profits resulting from the use, access or unreliability of these materials and content;
(g) there is no obligation and objective ability to control the way the user uses the store;
3. The user undertakes:
(a) indicate a precise and valid telephone, shipping address and correspondence email address;
(b) to pay the price of the goods he has requested;
(c) to pay for the cost of delivery, except in cases where the cost of delivery remains at the Supplier’s expense;
(d) to receive the goods;
(e) take all care and take the necessary steps that are reasonably practicable in order to protect its password;
(f) not to disclose to third parties his password or answer to the secret question (if provided) and to notify the Provider immediately in the case of unauthorized access to his / her profile, as well as in the probability thereof;
(g) in view of the specificity of internet protocols and the security of password protection, terminate the session in which it entered its profile by pressing the virtual exit button;
(h) not to make fictitious or invalid requests or other false information. The user bears full responsibility for the protection of his / her password, as well as for all actions performed by him / her or by a third party by using it;
4. The consumer is entitled to:
(a) online access to the Provider, subject to the terms and conditions of access, except in circumstances beyond the Supplier’s control – cases of force majeure, incidental events, problems in the global Internet network;
(b) online access to and correction of personal data;
(c) to refuse to receive the goods he has ordered for purchase in compliance with the legal requirements (the Law on Obligations and Contracts, the Consumer Protection Act and the other applicable legislation);
(d) to receive in full the sums paid by him in cases of undue payment;
5. The user undertakes:
(a) comply with the terms and conditions for making complaints and making requests for replacement of ordered goods – terms and conditions published in the online store and declaring that it is considered bound by these terms and conditions;
(b) to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the present Terms and Conditions, the Internet ethics, the rules of morality and the good morals;
(c) not to infringe any other non-pecuniary or non-pecuniary rights, including intellectual property rights;
d) notify the Provider immediately of any case of an infringement committed or discovered when using the store;
(e) not interfere with the proper operation of the system, including, but not limited to, not hindering another user’s identification procedure from accessing outside of its system, preventing other users from using the store;
(f) not be represented by another person or representative of a legal person or group of persons who is not authorized to represent or otherwise mislead third parties as to identity or belonging to a particular group of persons;
(g) not to commit malicious acts within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions;
6. In case of non-compliance with the User’s obligations, the Provider is entitled immediately and without prior notice to suspend the User’s and third party’s access to his / her profile, as well as the right to compensation for all damages and lost profits that are direct and immediate a consequence of the User’s failure to fulfill the obligations under the preceding paragraph. In such cases, the Supplier shall have the right to refer the matter to the competent state authorities for establishing the breach concerned.
7. Upon termination of the contract, the Provider shall take action to disable the user profile and to clear the password for access to the same.
8. The user may at any time request a deletion of his / her account. In this case, the deletion is only executed after all valid applications have been executed and payment of the due price and delivery costs respectively.
9. Users of the web site are not permitted to act in violation of generally established rules of communication and communication, to commit malicious acts, to distribute viruses and the like, infringing or damaging rights or interests of third parties.
10. Consumers are not entitled to perform orders on behalf of another person without his consent. Users can make free use of the resources of the web site except for the limitations outlined in these Terms and Conditions and other general limitations.
11. The sections of the site designated for the purchase of products by the User are required to submit and collect certain information. It is needed in the processing of the Order from the User. Zagatto Ltd. will not use this information in ways other than those provided in these terms and conditions, thereby ensuring its confidentiality. Zagatto Ltd. is not responsible for possible incidental deficiencies related to the actuality of the information as well as the information provided by the manufacturers and / or importers about the goods it maintains on the web site; is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages caused by or in any way connected with the access or use of this website; is not responsible for the integrity of the information on the website by computer viruses or other threats.
12. The information provided on the web site is in compliance with the applicable legislation, the users’ use is voluntarily and on their own initiative.
13. Zagatto Ltd. is not responsible for the completeness, validity and content of the information contained in the hyperlinked sites. Zagatto Ltd. is not responsible for any damages caused to the User when using the services on the web site.
14. Zagatto Ltd. does not guarantee seamless and uninterrupted access to Zagatto Ltd. is not responsible for the sudden depletion of the stock.
15. Zagatto Ltd. is not responsible for inaccuracies in the product information submitted by the manufacturer or the importer.
16. Zagatto Ltd. is not liable for delay or non-performance of its obligations for reasons beyond the control of the company.
17. Zagatto Ltd. undertakes to observe the arrangements with the User with due care.


These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time, publishing them on the web site is considered to notify users of the changes. Using your online store represents your acceptance of all terms, conditions and guidelines.
The coordinates are as follows:
Sofia, 1 Kukush Street
Phone: +359 2 812 99 39 / email: /